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5 musicians that wouldn’t be the same without Tom Petty

Kris October 4, 2017 Blog, Music News Comments Off on 5 musicians that wouldn’t be the same without Tom Petty

Iconic, a great word to describe the career of Tom Petty.  Fans aren’t alone in grieving his loss and musicians of all genre’s have paid tribute to him over the last couple of days.  He’s had an enormous impact in the music business but the following all have a special connection to him.

Dave Grohl

You might have seen this live back in the day or you might have seen somebody post this in the wake of the sad news that Tom Petty left this world via cardiac arrest.  In 1994 Dave Grohl was invited to play SNL with Tom Petty.  The Foo Fighters were not the juggernaut that we know today in fact the Foo Fighters didn’t even exist.  Grohl looks back on the moment and says “it was the first time I’d looked forward to playing the drums since Nirvana ended” following the performance he was offered a full time gig playing for The Heartbreakers.  He declined, obviously, and went on to create the first Foo Fighters album.

Ryan Adams

His career has been rampant with comparisons to Tom Petty and even has mentioned in Interviews that he’s felt unable to escape the ‘shadow of such a giant influence’.  A fan once asked him on twitter if he thought he was this generations Tom Petty.  His response? “Tom Petty is this generations Tom Petty”

Bon Jovi

Even a hair-spray associated giant like Jon Bon Jovi, dating back to the earliest stretches of his career, has a Petty connection.  He was once in a band called ‘The Wild Ones’ which was named directly after a Tom Petty song.

Cage The Elephant

Matt Schultz from the band Cage The Elephant paid tribute to Petty in 2016 by covering ‘American Girl’ saying “I wish I wrote this next one.. I wish I wrote them all, to be honest”

The Strokes

Ever listen to ‘Last Nite’ by The Strokes back-to-back with Tom Petty’s ‘American Girl’ ? you’ll notice a similar riff.   The Strokes wouldn’t call it ‘similar’ however, they admit they ‘stole it’.  Frontman Julian Casablancas when asked about the the riff and responded “Yeah, we ripped it off.  Where you been?”  Petty, all class, didn’t take any legal action saying “It doesn’t bother me”.

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