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Underwhelming movie earns underwhelming revenue: Justic League bombed

Kris November 20, 2017 Blog, Blog Story Comments Off on Underwhelming movie earns underwhelming revenue: Justic League bombed

Justice League can say it’s the ‘number 1 movie’ in North America but it’s a pretty weak number 1. Studios estimate that the super group of heroes from the DC comic book universe earned $96 million which fell short of its modest $110 million estimates. Given the weak return and poor reviews of ‘Batman vs Superman’ it looks like ‘Wonder Woman’ is the only hit franchise to emerge from the DC universe so far. What did they expect showing up five years late to the party? There are multiple Avengers movies plus sub-series like Thor and Captain America have already been sequeled out several times on the Marvel side. DC’s attempt to copy the formula has been transparent and comes off as un-original. My how the tables have turned.. remember when shitty Tobey Maguire Spiderman movies were the representative of Marvel and the bad-ass Christian Bale Batman films were DC’s offering? yep man those were the days!

Justice League is out now:

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