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Steven Adler says he ‘wanted to die’ when he was fired from Guns n’ Roses

Kris February 4, 2018 Blog, Music News Comments Off on Steven Adler says he ‘wanted to die’ when he was fired from Guns n’ Roses

Ex- GnR drummer Steven Adler said that his ‘heart was so broken’ after he was fired from the band and that he ‘wanted to die’ when speaking with ‘Mom, It’s Not Devil Music!’ saying that ‘One day you’re on top of the world and the next day you’re a nobody’ when discussing his exit from the group in 1990 over his drug use. He added, ironically, that he was thrown out of the band while trying to kick his heroin habit “I didn’t realize that if you’re doing heroin and then you stop doing it, you get violently sick… it aches so bad and you just wanna die” recounting a story about when they entered the studio to record ‘Civil War’ “So I go in at A&M to record, and I’m so weak and sick. And I did my best, but I had to play, like, 25 times. So they were getting frustrated. And I kept telling them “I’m sick” and they kept saying “No, you’re not. You’re just fucked up”. Adler says that after he was fired he went from “having management, roadies, a band, agent, accountants — people all around me all the time — that I thought were my friends and had my back to literally, one day, I was all alone. I had nobody. I thought for sure I was gonna be one of those rock stars that, when they’re 27, they OD and die.”

Although not part of the Guns n’ Roses reunion, Adler did join the band at several shows on the band’s “Not In This Lifetime” tour.

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