Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Less than a year ago, snowboarder Mark McMorris was in the hospital. Now, he’s on the podium!

One of the most powerful part of the Olympics is the stories that many atheletes bring with them to the event. Canadian snowboarder Mark McMorris has one of those stories after a near-death collision with a tree outside of Whistler [...]

February 12, 2018 Blog, Blog Story

High winds lift Donald Trump’s hair like a kite; you won’t unsee this

We all know that something just ain’t right with the Presidents hair but every once and a while we get to peek under the curtain, just for a moment, and what we see can’t really be described or defined. In [...]

February 10, 2018 Blog, Blog Story

A Jazz cover of ‘Wonderwall’ exists and it was used in Olympic figure skating

German figure skater Paul Fentz opted to go with a jazz/swing version of Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’ last night during the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. This year is the first year that skaters have been allowed the use of music with [...]

February 10, 2018 Blog, Music News

Police chase goes viral with help from the ‘Ghostbusters’

High speed chases are an adrenaline rush and often garner a lot of media coverage but this specific one from Fort Worth, Texas has gone viral after Helicopters recording the chase also spotted a white SUV painted up with the [...]

February 8, 2018 Blog, Blog Story

Smashing Pumpkins reunion: Last day in studio, but who’s on bass?

This Smashing Pumpkins reunion has heated up quickly over the last month but the mystery of who will be playing bass lingers on despite the fact that the band is in the studio right now. Last month pictures leaked of [...]

February 8, 2018 Blog, Music News

Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament preps solo album

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament has revealed via a new interview with Rolling Stone that he’ll be releasing his third solo album ‘Heaven/Hell’ in March of this year. He’s the second member of the group to launch a solo record [...]

February 8, 2018 Blog, Music News

Podcast Ep#80 Band of Rascals

Band Of Rascals are back in Toronto from the left coast and playing The Horseshoe Tavern tomorrow night (Thursday, Feb 8th 2018) In this podcast episode they perform three songs from their catalogue and quickly get into ‘who farts the [...]

February 7, 2018 Podcast

AC/DC to tour and release new music with Axl Rose

The fate of AC/DC has been up in the air after Brian Johnson had to bow out in order to keep his hearing. Axl Rose filled in to complete the tour in 2016 but was toted as just a ‘stand [...]

February 7, 2018 Blog, Music News

Rob Gronkowski’s home was burglarized while he was in the Superbowl

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski had his house broken into while he was he was in Minnesota during Superbowl weekend. A police report says that somebody broke a window to get into Gronk’s house in Massachusetts. The reported [...]

February 7, 2018 Blog, Blog Story

Brilliant Girl Scout sells 312 boxes of cookies in under six hours outside of pot dispensary

Hopefully she has a long career in sales & marketting ahead of her! a nine-year-old Girl Scout from San Diego sold 312 boxes of cookies after setting up outside of a marijuana dispensary. Girl Scouts San Diego confirmed the story [...]

February 6, 2018 Blog, Blog Story