Sunday, October 22, 2017
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This big & tall guy proves that Ballet is for everybody

Meet professional choreographer Erik Cavanaugh.  He not only talks the talk but he walks the walk when it comes to encouraging plus size people to get involved with dance. “Dancing has this stereotype that only the thinnest can be successful, [...]

October 21, 2017 Blog, Blog Story

Students pose with swastika and ‘KKK’ pumpkins , investigation ensues

A school board in Pennsylvania is facing it’s second race-related incident in as many weeks with a Facebook photo featuring former and current students posing with pumpkins carved with a swastika and ‘KKK’ in them. The school board and high [...]

October 19, 2017 Blog, Blog Story

325 lb woman charged with killing 9-year old by ‘sitting on her’

Authorities are saying a rotund woman who weighs 325 pounds killed a 9 year old by sitting on her as punishment. 64-year old Veronica Green Posey has been charged with homicide and cruelty towards a child. Paramedics and police responded [...]

October 17, 2017 Blog, Blog Story

Magic Mushrooms can ‘reset’ depressed brain, new research says

The Imperial College Of London has found that hallucinogen’s found in ‘Magic Mushrooms’ can “reset” the brain functions of people with untreatable depression.  Kind of like hitting ‘control alt delete’, which leads researches to believe they can develop new treatments [...]

October 14, 2017 Blog, Blog Story

‘Mr. Brightside’ by The Killers can double as sports commentary

Their new record ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ was released about a week ago but the Killers will have a tough time topping their massive single ‘Mr Brightside’ which was released in 2004.    Australian sports announcer Gerard Whateley is also a fan apparently [...]

September 28, 2017 Blog, Blog Story

‘The Hound’ from Game Of Thrones has a supercut of his best insults and it’s awesome

The Hound has been getting a lot more screen and plot time in recent seasons of Game of Thrones and fans love him for his one-liners which 99% of the time involve the f-word. Enjoy this ‘best of’ the Hound, [...]

September 11, 2017 Blog, Blog Story

In first TV interview, Steve Bannon drops gauntlet vs Republican party

Villain Steve Bannon crawled out from whatever rock he lives under to give his first tv interview since being ousted from the White House, openly waging war against people in the administration and republican party, saying people who don’t support [...]

September 11, 2017 Blog, Blog Story

HBO hacked, Game Of Thrones script reportedly stolen

Hackers apparently have gotten their hands on the script for next week’s episode of Game of Thrones in a hack which claims to have stolen 1.5 terabytes of data from HBO, according o Entertainment Weekly. The publication was notified of [...]

July 31, 2017 Blog, Blog Story

Actor who plays ‘Hot Pie’ from Game of Thrones opens his own bakery

In the latest episode of Game of Thrones the character ‘Hot Pie’ made a brief return to the screen but as it turns out actor Ben Hawkey has opened up his own bakery called ‘You Know Nothing Jon Dough’ where [...]

July 27, 2017 Blog, Blog Story

Man films his Uber driver getting ‘serviced’ in front seat

This guy named Aner Manuel got in his Uber the other day and realized there was a woman in the front passenger seat as well. As the ride went on, she started kissing the driver, the loosened his belt.. and [...]

July 25, 2017 Blog, Blog Story